The Big Data Lie

Whether talking about “big data” or market data, ROI, customer feedback, or whatever, when you hear someone say “you can’t argue with data” get ready … you are being cajoled, sold to persuaded, and maybe lied to.

If you sell, then you have presented … and you have likely looked for data that supports your value proposition or ROI. Does your competitor have another set of data? Of course. What about 3rd party sources? Lots of them. Does it come to the same conclusion? No.  Who is telling the truth?

This is where you need story. That may counter intitive – as may think stories are fake or false. But stories give context, people and narrative to data – without which you can tell what data is “right” and what is wrong.


Robert McKee puts it beautifully, and if your not in the mode for video, here is the essance of his point.

“Data – dramatized in story fashion is the #1 most effective way of human communication. The human mind is built for stories … think about memory … we don’t remember facts & data … we remember stories … the mind organizes life in the form of story … it is how humans understand themselves and world around them. Put corporate message in well told story … people don’t think … they just “get it” … they get it, believe, and are inspired … when they “put it together” on their own.”

The purpose is to get to “getting it” moment … the audiences reconfigures reality to the way you need them to understand … the only way to get to that insight never comes from data … they interpret in various ways … but story



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